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Home Shampoos and Conditioners Herbal Mixes Washing and Strengthening Pack - Le Erbe di Janas, 100g

Washing and Strengthening Pack - Le Erbe di Janas, 100g

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Content: Aritha, Amla, Shikakai, Aloe, Brahmi, Bhringraj, Methi, Neem Crop: 2021 Package: inner bag in recyclable plastic, outer box in FSC paper Certifications: Vegan ok - Organic (SOCERT - 100% Organic) Quality: heavy metals tested (Nickel, Chrome, Cadmium, Lead, Cobalt, Antimony, Arsenic, Mercury) - Bacterial load neutralized Natural Strengthening Shampoo, the result of the skilful combination of precious Ayurvedic Herbs, which act in a balanced and synergistic way on hair and scalp. HAIR: Cleansing and strengthening recipe for all hair types; particularly useful for dehydrated, stressed hair and to counteract excessive hair loss. Brahmi, Bhringraj and Amla take care of the hair, giving it vitality and preventing it from falling out; Aritha and Shikakai gently cleanse them, while Methi helps cleansing, facilitates combing and increases hydration. To complete the recipe, Neem, nourishing, sebum-regulating and antibacterial, and Aloe, purifying, refreshing and moisturizing. HOW TO USE: Mix the powder with very hot water until you get a consistency of a yogurt if you want to use it as a compress, more liquid to use it as a cleanser. Cover the container and let it rest for 15 minutes. Apply the paste on wet scalp, massaging with light circular movements. Also apply on the lengths and keep on for 5-10 minutes if used as a shampoo. Rinse thoroughly. If applied as a pack, the processing time is 40-60 minutes. A final rinse with water and vinegar helps keep the hair shiny and soft. Ingredients: Sapindus trifoliatus fruit powder, Emblica officinalis fruit powder, Acacia Concinna fruit powder, Aloe vera powder, Bacopa monnieri leaf powder, Trigonella foenum graecum seeds powder, Eclipta alba leaf powder, Azadirachta indica leaf powder EXTERNAL USE