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Home Shampoos and Conditioners Herbal Mixes Washing and Nourishing Ubtan Pack - Le Erbe di Janas, 100g

Washing and Nourishing Ubtan Pack - Le Erbe di Janas, 100g

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Content: Gram Flour, Barley Flour, Tumeric, Sandalwood, Kapoor, Milk

Package: inner bag in recyclable plastic, outer box in FSC paper

Certifications: Organic (SOCERT - 100% Organic)

Quality: heavy metals tested (Nickel, Chrome, Cadmium, Lead, Cobalt, Antimony, Arsenic, Mercury) - Bacterial load neutralized

Ubtan is an ancient Indian recipe used for cleansing hair and to keep the skin young and radiant. In this mix the flours have washing power, thanks to the natural content of saponins, while the Ayurvedic herbs, in addition to giving and enveloping scent, purify and nourish skin and hair.

Ideal for oily hair and scalp. It strengthens, refreshes and regulates sebum secretion. Repairs damaged skin and leaves hairs clean for a long time. Great for washing an oily pack from the hair. Apply the paste on a wet scalp, massaging with light circular movements. Also apply on the lenghts and keep on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. A final rinse with water and vinegar helps keep the hair shiny and soft.

SKIN: Cleanses gently with a light scrub. Ideal for oily, mixed and impure skin. As a cleansing and purifying face mask, massage gently with fingertips, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. HOW TO USE: Mix the powder with hot watwr until you get a not too thick consistency.

HISTORY and CURIOSITY: There are many variations of this recipe in the various areas of India, but some of the ingredients are always present, due to their cleansing and nourishing properties.

Ingredients: Cicer arietinum flour, Hordeum vulgare flour, Curcuma aromatica root powder, Santalum album bark powder, Hedychium spicatum root powder, Lac