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Home Shampoos and Conditioners Herbal Mixes Illuminating Damascena Rose Mask Organic - Le Erbe di Janas, 100g

Illuminating Damascena Rose Mask Organic - Le Erbe di Janas, 100g

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This rose mask is specially formulated for all skin types. It contains all-natural ingredients with antioxidant properties. Rose is a well-known anti-aging ingredient, and it also keeps the skin looking fresh and well-hydrated. In addition, Dead Sea Mud - rich in mineral salts - tones and softens the skin, preventing dryness, acne and blemishes. Together with Multani, it absorbs Furthermore, assisted by Multani, it absorbs waste substances, and dirt, cleanses and refreshes the skin. The presence of Aloe contributes to the anti-aging and purifying action, also providing hydration and nourishment. This mask stimulates microcirculation, regulates sebum secretion and makes the skin radiant, clean, fresh and young.

HOW TO USE: Mix the powder with warm water until you get a medium thickness consistency. Apply on clean and dry face. Gently massage. Leave on for 10/15 minutes, the mask should not dry out, so moisten if necessary. Rinse with warm water and finally apply Rose Water or another Floral Water.

Ingredients: Solum follonum, Rosa damascena flower powder, Maris limus extract, Curcuma aromatica root powder, Aloe vera powder