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Home Indian Herbs Red Kamala - Le Erbe di Janas, 100g

Red Kamala - Le Erbe di Janas, 100g

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Use to achieve intense red colour

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Use together with henna for a long lasting deep cherry and plum hue.

Kamala is a tropical plant from the Euphorbiaceae family. Its fruits and leaves are used to make a bright fuchsia red colour.

If used separately, you will obtain a warm hue. Mixed with the warm shade henna, the result will be intensive and warm copper hues; and together with the cool tone henna - brown with cherry/mahogany red. You could also mix it with indigo or katam for a darker colour. The exact proportions depend on the initial colour and the desired shade - we always recommend testing first on strand of hair.


How to use : Mix the powder with hot water to achieve a yogurt-like consistency. Cover and leave for 20 minutes before application.

Because the pigment is not very water soluble, to ease the dye release, you could heat the mixture for 10 minutes on very low heat by placing the bowl inside another bowl full of hot water.

Kamala also loves the basic pH, so consider adding half a teaspoon baking soda for each 100 g to help with dye release.

You could also add other herbs of your choice, leave the mixture to cool down and apply to your scalp and hair. Leave on for at least 2 hours and rinse thoroughly.


Ingredients: Mallotus philippensis fruit powder

External use only