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Home Indian Herbs Red Henna - Warm Hue - Le Erbe di Janas, 100g

Red Henna - Warm Hue - Le Erbe di Janas, 100g

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With this henna you can achieve:

- Irish red on blonde hair

- Intense red on light brown hair

- Reddish-brown on medium brown hair

- Copper hint on dark brown hair


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Henna powder is a 100% natural hair colouring product. It is obtained from the dry leaves of Lawsonia inermis - a plant used since thousands of years for ritualistic, decorative and dyeing purposes.


For hair


The lawsone molecule occurring in henna binds with the keratin and in this way it protects the hair and increases its volume. Hair is more lustrous after each use, and scalp is clean, rebalanced and healthy.


You could add henna to other herbs to obtain different shades and colours. The end result depends on the exact recipe and herb proportions, as well as time left on the hair.


How to use


The exact amount needed depends on hair length and thickness.

If you have short hair or for root touch-up, use 50 g henna powder.

For shoulder-length hair, use 100-150 g henna.

Mid-back length: 150-200 g henna.

Very long/thick hair: 200-300 g.


Mix the exact amount needed in a porcelain or glass container and add warm water or chamomile/hibiscus tea; if you wish, you could add a bit of vinegar as well.  To reduce the smell of henna, add 1 tsp cinnamon or a few drops of essential oils. Cover the container and leave for dye release for 12 hours (6 is enough during the summer). Apply on clean and dry hair and leave on between 1-3 hours. Rinse thoroughly with water and use hair conditioner if your hair is dry.


If you are affected by favism: henna could cause a hemolytic crisis. Please consilt your doctor before use.


Ingredients: Lawsonia inermis leaves powder


For external use only