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Herbal hair dye - golden honey color - HennaFox

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Contains henna, amla, cassia, and coffee - nothing else! For a bright copper color and vibrant, healthy hair. The best result will be achieved on naturally light and white hair.

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As with the other herbal dyes, our golden honey dye will not lighten hair; the result depends on the initial color. On naturally light and white hair, you can expect a bright honey color; on chestnut hair - a slight honey shade. The color also depends on the duration of application.

100% plant-based - contains henna, amla, cassia, coffee. Nourishes and adds shine to the hair.

How to use: mix with warm water (50°C) until a medium-thick paste is formed. Without waiting, with the help of gloves, apply evenly to the hair, separating it into sections. Cover with a plastic cap and leave for 1-3 hours: longer for more intense color and better coverage. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Ingredients (INCI): Lawsonia inermis, Eclipta alba, Cassia obovata, Coffea arabica