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Cultivators - Instructions

Good to know:

  • Because it is a 100% herbal hair color, lightening your hair with this product is not possible. 
  • If chemical dye has been used on your hair, wait at least 5-6 weeks before using Cultivator’s herbal hair color.
  • You might need more than one application to get a good uniform color on a severely damaged / bleached hair.
  • A strand test is recommended prior to coloring all your hair.
  • Open the required number of packs as per your hair size and empty into a bowl. Add warm water and stir to make a creamy texture paste. Apply this paste immediately, spreading uniformly throughout the hair. Cover your hair with shower cap. Keep it on for 30 -90 min (as per your desired shade; 30 min. for a lighter shade and 90 min. for darker shades). Rinse off your hair with plain water. 

How to use:

100g powder will comfortably color hair below the shoulders; for root touch-up or short hair you will need 1-2 25gm packs. Stir with warm water to make a medium-thickness paste. Apply immediately on your hair and cover with the shower cap provided. Leave on for 30-90 minutes - more for a darker deeper color. Rinse well with water.