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Use to achieve brown hair shade.

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Use katam to obtain an intense and natural brown. Katam's colour is much darker than the Indigo: Katam has more violet tones, so it can be added in small percentages to the Henna in order to obtain more violet or plum shades.

    - If you have naturally blonde or white hair, mix katam with henna powder or use them separately: first colour your hair with henna for 20-30 min to obtain a copper shade, and then after drying apply katam for an additional 30 minutes.

Do not apply pure katam on white, bleached or light blonde hair to avoid any unwanted green / blue colour changes; in this case it is advisable to apply a first application of red Henna and a subsequent application of Katam.

Instructions for use: mix a sufficient amount of katam powder with warm water until you get the consistency of a yogurt; wait about 10 minutes before application. To get a better coverage, you can add very little bicarbonate soda or a pinch of salt. Apply to perfectly clean hair from the roots to the lengths. Leave on for 1/2 hours. Rinse thoroughly. A final rinse with water and vinegar helps to keep the color longer.


Ingredients: Buxus dioica leaf powder

External use only