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Natural Hair Colour - Black - HennaFox

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This is a natural warm black shade that will colour and condition your hair at the same time. Contains indigo, henna and amla - simple but effective!

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100% herbal hair colour that will add shine and vitality to your hair. You will achieve best results on naturally dark brown or black hair with little grey; for best grey hair coverage and darkest possible colour we recommend the two-step henna and indigo method: first, colour your hair with henna only; after rinsing and drying, apply indigo.

How to use:

Mix with warm water (50о С) to create a medium-thickness paste. Apply immediately using gloves. Cover with a shower cap and leave on for 3 hours. Rinse with water; for best results dry hair with a hair dryer.

Ingredients(INCI): Indigofera Tinctoria, Lawsonia Inermis, Emblica Officinalis